You have a unique opportunity to bask in the cleanest sea sand near the sea shore, sunbathe on comfortable sun loungers under umbrellas, which certainly will be enough for everyone. If you like active leisure - use the rental of hydrocycles, play beach volleyball or badminton. Pleasant, clean bottom - dive without fear, the safety of bathing is followed by experienced rescuers. You can dine at the beach cafe, located directly on the beach.

A large number of shower cabins will help wash off your skin with salt and sand. With the comfort of changing, you can in specially equipped booths, which are also enough for everyone.

The most important thing in the modern world is security. Our hotel complex always remembers this; therefore the territory of our beach is carefully guarded, preventing the appearance of strangers on it - from potentially dangerous to simple onlookers who can bother our guests.

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Do you want to come to rest with your children? They will be happy to relax with you, because for them in the hotel complex "Djami" all conditions are created. Our vast closed territory is strictly protected: you will be sure of the safety of your children. A children's playground was built on the territory, where a lot of various swings and sports equipment.

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