Meeting at the airport

Hotel and entertainment complex "Djami” is distinguished by its client-oriented policy. That is why the staff of "Djami" organizes a wide range of services focused on the comfort of your stay and maximum ease of the guests of the hotel complex.

One of the services that we provide is the shuttle service for our guests at the airport or the train station. We will always make a proper reception for everyone who comes to a vacation or to a business meeting. The staff of the hotel "Djami" will meet you at the airport or train station and will quickly and safely deliver to the destination.

The main thing in our work is the hospitality and respect for our guests, and, therefore, punctuality and orderliness. You should not worry about finding out the number of a taxi service or waving down late at night or during rush hour. Our staff will meet you on time at any time of the day or night, regardless of what time your train or plane arrives.

It should be noted that the transfer is a very popular service, especially during the holidays and the holiday season, so make an appointment preferably in advance, to discuss all issues with our managers. In that case, you can rest assured that all the terms of the agreement are met, and you will be awaited by the specified time.

Your room will be fully prepared by your arrival, and you can leave things in the hotel and walk down to the sea or enjoy a delicious meal in our restaurant, which offers the European, Asian, Dagestan and eastern cuisine and combines only the best of what is available in the Restaurants of Makhachkala.

You are always welcome!