Makhachkala’s hotels often offer their guests a few excursions to explore the sights of Dagestan. But our hotel has such a diverse list of excursions and tours for every taste. Our offers will add enthusiasm even the biggest fans of spending the entire vacation at the beach.

It is the biggest list of excursions yet: the oldest Russian city of Derbent, with its fortress Naryn-Kala, which defended the city for 1,500 years, and Huchninsky Falls, where you can enjoy a delicious barbecue on the lawn to the sounds of falling water, and the jewel of Southern Dagestan - amazing and unique in Russia Samur forest - you will see a beautiful plane and pass through the waist-high grass and get to know the real cork trees. Or maybe you go to see the unique dunes of Sary-Kum, only the majestic dunes of the Sahara desert are higher - briefly dive into the magical world of fairy East.

Fans of the ancient era like to visit the holy places - ziyarat, which means ancient tomb of the great sheikhs of the past. If you're ready to go up the mountain for this exciting spectacle of the highest mountains - you can get ready for the journey. When in doubt - know that making a journey to the most sacred places in Dagestan, you can expect the fulfillment of the sacred desires.

Skiers can ride the famous winter ski resort "Chindirchero”.

This is not a complete list of all the miracles that I can the hospitable Dagestan share with you.

A list of suggested excursions:

• Derbent
• Gunib
• Huchni waterfall
• Samur forest
• Chirkey - Sulak Canyon
• Kubachi
• Dunes of "Sary-Kum"
• Makhachkala
• Khunzakh
• Chindirchero
• Shalbuzdag (ziyarat)
• Ahulgo (ziyarat)
• Kala-Koreish (ziyatar)