Business center 

Work resting - you think it is impossible? At the hotel "Djami" nothing is impossible! Here you can have some fun, swim, sunbathe, and still be aware of all of the business affairs, meet with partners and conduct high-level meetings in the Internet, or even organize a business party at our complex. 

Many world historical events in the political, economic, and the high life were the result of "meetings without ties". What would be the outcome in other circumstances? Given the international practice, the hotel complex "Djami" has created all the conditions for politicians, businessmen, and prominent figures of culture and art, to rest at the Caspian Sea and not hurt their career or business. 

Our business center is equipped with the most modern equipment, allowing our guests always to be in touch with mass media. It offers the high-speed Internet and other communications, we provide for the use of computers, the latest office equipment, video and audio equipment, scanners, printers and fax machines. 

The interior of the business center is convenient for meetings, seminars, conferences, presentations, banquets and other events of the VIP-level. The climate control system, design and furniture create a favorable environment, conducive to easy resolution of any issues. 

For us the business center - is one of the most important elements of the hotel business. 

We care not only about your stay, but also about your well-being.