itinerary for 14 days

Dear friends! You have a unique opportunity to plan your vacation. For the short time allotted to rest, you can spend a rich and full of sensations route.

Sometimes you need to pause, to escape from the routine and forget about business, and go somewhere. Stand up with the first rays of the sun, to throw back a backpack with things, uncover the camera, bullet fly out of the house, to the appointed place with the collection to hit the road, in the company of like-minded friends.


Day 1: Arrival Day.

Meeting at the airport / Railway station, bus station. Accommodation at the hotel "Jama".




2-4y Day: Sea holiday at the "Jama"






Day 5: Excursion to Derbent

Derbent is a city-museum under the open nebom.Znakomstvo with the architectural look of ancient Derbent. Visiting the fortress Naryn-Kala (age over 5,000 years), visiting kavrovoy factory. Located just 130 kilometers from Makhachkala, on the Caspian Sea coast. For many centuries the city, especially its powerful wall served as protection from the Near East barbarian attacks. Located just between the rugged mountains on one side and the sea on the other, Derbent survived.








                        Day 6-8: Sea holiday at the "Jama"






      9th day: Excursion to Chirkeyskaya HPP



Chirkei hydroelectric - hydroelectric power plant in the Buinaksk district of Dagestan. The most powerful hydroelectric power plant in the North Caucasus. It has
the second highest dam in Russia and the country's highest arch dam. Stretch of water formed on the Sulak River as a result of the construction of hydroelectric reservoirs Chirkeyskaya. On the banks of the village is located Chirkey by which it was named, and the village Oaks. Altitude - 335 m.







Day 10-12: Sea holiday at the "Jama"


Day 13: Excursion to. Gunib


According to the climatic conditions it is not inferior to Davos (Switzerland) and exceeds Teberda (Karachay-Cherkessia) and Abastumani (Georgia).





        Day 14: Farewell party at the restaurant "Jama"