Makhachkala’s hotels often offer their guests a few excursions to explore the sights of Dagestan. But our hotel has such a diverse list of excursions and tours for every taste. Our offers will add enthusiasm even the biggest fans of spending the entire vacation at the beach.

It is the biggest list of excursions yet: the oldest Russian city of Derbent, with its fortress Naryn-Kala, which defended the city for 1,500 years, and Huchninsky Falls, where you can enjoy a delicious barbecue on the lawn to the sounds of falling water, and the jewel of Southern Dagestan - amazing and unique in Russia Samur forest - you will see a beautiful plane and pass through the waist-high grass and get to know the real cork trees. Or maybe you go to see the unique dunes of Sary-Kum, only the majestic dunes of the Sahara desert are higher - briefly dive into the magical world of fairy East. 


Meeting at the airport

Hotel and entertainment complex "Djami” is distinguished by its client-oriented policy. That is why the staff of "Djami" organizes a wide range of services focused on the comfort of your stay and maximum ease of the guests of the hotel complex.

One of the services that we provide is the shuttle service for our guests at the airport or the train station. We will always make a proper reception for everyone who comes to a vacation or to a business meeting. The staff of the hotel "Djami" will meet you at the airport or train station and will quickly and safely deliver to the destination.

The main thing in our work is the hospitality and respect for our guests, and, therefore, punctuality and orderliness. You should not worry about finding out the number of a taxi service or waving down late at night or during rush hour. 


Conference hall

Would you like to have a corporate holiday at the Caspian Sea with training or do you need to hold a business meeting? In business, there are no small things, and so the success of any event depends on the quality of its organization, well chosen location, the technical condition of the building and other important factors.

Hotel "Djami" offers excellent conditions for successful meetings, seminars, business meetings, training sessions, conferences and symposia: spacious and comfortable meeting room is equipped with all necessary facilities for business meetings of any plan. A large table, chairs, climate control system, the latest office equipment, there is access to the wireless high speed Internet in the conference room, making it possible to conduct online seminars and other events. The room itself suggests the possibility of different variations of seats, which allow conducting the most diverse events conveniently and efficiently. 


Business center

Work resting - you think it is impossible? At the hotel "Djami" nothing is impossible! Here you can have some fun, swim, sunbathe, and still be aware of all of the business affairs, meet with partners and conduct high-level meetings in the Internet, or even organize a business party at our complex. 

Many world historical events in the political, economic, and the high life were the result of "meetings without ties". What would be the outcome in other circumstances? Given the international practice, the hotel complex "Djami" has created all the conditions for politicians, businessmen, and prominent figures of culture and art, to rest at the Caspian Sea and not hurt their career or business.