All features and charm of saunas have long been appreciated by the proponents of healthy lifestyle, so all hotels of Makhachkala always try to include it in their leisure complex. And a new modern complex "Djami" is no exception. We have tried to build this area with all the requirements of our guests.

It offers comfortable cabins, which are so pleasant to sit in, clean your body of toxins. You will feel how the condition of your skin and health improves. Bring scrubs or other means of skin care and 10 years can be left by the sauna doors.

Pool, built in the European style, meets overheated guests. Swimming and enjoying the healing power of water - the next stage of a proper sauna.

And finally, you will find cozy lounge, where you can drink herbal tea and relax.

You want a relaxing massage after a visit to the sauna or need an improving massage course? Our great masseuses will gladly come to your aid. Each room of the sauna is equipped with an additional massage room, so soon after the steam room you will be in professional hands.

Hungry? Of course, after a good sauna comes the hunger. Makhachkala’s restaurants are famous for their hospitality, but nowhere else you will be met with such warmth and such an understanding of your desires, as in the restaurant of our hotel complex. You will be offered with an excellent wine and a light but satisfying dinner.


Perhaps we can offer you everything you need for a great evening in a cozy company.

Cost of services

The first hour  

The second hour  

The third hour 

Full body massage 
1500rub. 1200rub. 800rub. 1500rub.