Vacation on the Caspian Sea is, above all, the desire to relax on a clean and comfortable beach. Our hotel complex "Jami" proudly presents you with our own fenced beach of the highest level.

You have a unique opportunity to bask on the cleanest sea sand at the beach, sunbathing on the comfortable loungers, which will certainly be enough for everyone. For your comfort there is a wide range of umbrellas from the sun, under which children can hide during the midday heat, or you can wait out the heat with the family under the awnings. If you enjoy outdoor activities - use sports equipment rental and play beach volleyball or badminton. Water extreme lovers necessarily need to try out our jet ski.




It is hard to imagine complete and good vacation without the delicious food! The staff of hotel and entertainment complex "Jami" knows this like no other. That is why, vacationers can always eat tasty and healthy, and enjoy a wide range of dishes of the restaurant, located in the complex.

Our restaurant is a two-story building with a terrace. Everyone will find a favorite treats here, as we offer a choice of the best dishes of Dagestan, European, Eastern and Asian cuisines by our first-class chefs.

Restaurant of the hotel and entertainment complex "Jami" is the highlight of other restaurants that represent the hotels of Makhachkala.




All features and charm of saunas have long been appreciated by the proponents of healthy lifestyle, so all hotels of Makhachkala always try to include it in their leisure complex. And a new modern complex "Jami" is no exception. We have tried to build this area with all the requirements of our guests.

It offers comfortable cabins, which are so pleasant to sit in, clean your body of toxins. You will feel how the condition of your skin and health improves. Bring scrubs or other means of skin care and 10 years can be left by the sauna doors.

Pool, built in the European style, meets overheated guests. Swimming and enjoying the healing power of water - the next stage of a proper sauna.

Cost of services

The first hour   

The second hour   

The third hour  

Full body massage 
1500rub. 1200rub. 800rub. 1500rub.





You would like to come on holiday with your kids? They will be happy to have a vacation with you, because there are all conditions for them in our hotel complex "Jami". Our large closed area is strictly protected: you will be confident in the safety of your children. On its vast territory a magnificent playground is built, where you have a wide variety of swings and sports equipment for all ages.

For the little ones there is a safe low seesaw, small slides and mazes. Besides, the kids are happy to play in the sand, building castles and canals. For older children more advanced range of equipment is provided - a complex maze of steep turns and slides. The variety of sport equipment for all ages and level of athletic training will make them happy: young athletes will be able to keep the shape and exercise muscles.






The billiards is considered one of the best forms of recreation. Many Makhachkala’s hotels offer their guests this favorite activity, but not in all of them there is a qualitative, professional equipment for a game of billiards.

Hotel complex "Jami", located on the shores of the Caspian Sea, offers its guests to get the most pleasure from the rest. The hotel has a private billiards room, equipped with everything needed for a good game. One can enjoy the game at any time of day in our cozy billiards room.

It features a snooker room with WI-FI access to the Internet, a great bar and much more. Spacious room and convenient location of tables allow players to enjoy the game without interfering with each other.

Cost Billiards

1 hour (12 foot table) 

1 hour (10 foot table)  

500 rub. 400 rub.