Accommodation in «Standard 2-bed»

Do you want to make an unforgettable vacation for your girlfriend? We’ll help you with this surprise, offering you a comfortable suite for two.

Despite the reasonable price, the suite has everything you need. "Standard 2-bed" suite in our hotel combines the amenities for your relaxation: a shower cabin, 2 beds, satellite TV, air conditioning, a mini-bar, Wi-fi, a safe, bathrobes and personal care items (area of 24 sq.m.).

Hotels in Makhachkala offer a variety of options, but our hotel is located on the beach, which is the most important condition for a comfortable vacation.


Powerful air conditioner turns hot muggy day in the cool and pleasant one. Double beds ensure restful sleep, before which you can always watch the satellite TV to entertain yourself with a film or a long-awaited show. After a hot day the shower will help to come to senses, where you will not only be able to wash the salt and sand off your skin, getting ready for dinner or an evening stroll, and also it will help you to relax. A full set of personal care items and soft bathrobes can do that with comfort.

Our hotel "Djami" - the best place to confess one’s love or to make the most important proposal in life.

Costs for accommodation for one day (from 14:00 of the first day till 12:00 of the next day.)


January, February, March  

April, May  

June, July, August, September  


December, January  

Price (rub) 3000 4000 6000 4000 3000



The price includes breakfast. For children from 3 to 10 years we have extra bed at the price of 3000 rubles.